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Please Help! Donate Now! 100% of Donations will go to all the venezuelans in need.


  • Not long ago, Venezuela used to be the wealthiest county in Latin America, and it’s now facing the worst humanitarian crisis the western Hemisphere.
  • 3.000.000 venezuelans have been displaced in the region and that number is growing fast … by the thousands per day.
  • The health system has collapsed, there is no food and people are dying, mostly Children and Elders.
  • Soon Venezuela will be Starving, which will eventually cause millions to die.
  • Please Help! Donate Now! 100% of Donations will go to all the venezuelans in need.
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  • The event will take place on February 22, in Cucuta, Colombia, which is located right on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.
  • The three basic goals of the event are to create awareness of the current situation, to reopen the Venezuelan borders in order to get the humanitarian aid in, and to obtain enough funds to design and carry out a sustainable social investment that will benefit Venezuela and help bring it and its people back.
  • Venezuela Aid Live is lead by Richard Branson and Bruno Ocampo, with the support of several renowned artists, entrepreneurs and volunteers, who have worked tirelessly in order to make a difference.

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Venezuela Aid Live has three main goals:
  1. To bring awareness and sensitize the world about the humanitarian crisis Venezuela is currently facing and receive donations in hopes of supporting the ones who are suffering.
  2. Reopen the border, so that humanitarian aid that has been blocked from going in and the funds raised during the event can reach those who need it most.
  3. The humanitarian contribution generated by Venezuela Aid Live, will be destined towards a sustainable social investment for Venezuela.

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